2021 August  American actor David Dastmalchian is the cover star of the new issue of AUGUSTMAN Magazine and he is featured in the editorial wearing Scylt shirt

s-Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.17.08 PM

s-Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.17.00 PM

2021 July  s c y l t × wegenk  exclusive ready-to- wear band-collar shirts (retail shop at Daikanyama)

代官山のセレクトショップ wegenk 別注バンドカラーシャツ


2021 June  s c y l t exhibited the popup event at yoyogiuehara.




2021 March  “Imagine dragons” , vocal Dan Reynolds wears Scylt bomber jacket for the album packaging shoot for their new single, “Follow You”.



2021 March  “Imagine dragons” , guitar Wayne Sermon wears Scylt bomber jacket for the album packaging shoot for their new single, “Follow You”.




2021 May  s c y l t × wegenk  exclusive ready-to- wear band-collar shirts (retail shop at Daikanyama)

代官山のセレクトショップ wegenk 別注バンドカラーシャツ


西脇産 コットンストライプ


Canclini ギンガムチェック


西脇産 ワイドストライプ

2021 February Actor, Will Catlett wears Scylt silk robe shirt and pants in Sbjct Journal Magazine’s “Create Create Create” story and interview.




Create Create Create

2021 January  British actor and next-generation star, Regè-Jean Page wore the double breasted cotton & linen shirt, for a press photo-shoot, and the photos got picked up by Variety Magazine and WWD.

s-Variety Magazine IG Syclt

s-regejean ig WWD image in Scylt

2020 August  Bleached * Sashiko hand stiched denim shirt on the EC site of Japanese fashion magazine “LEON”. now on sale!!


買えるLEON サイト頁よりスクリーンショット

2020 June Exclusive French linen shirts by DF Tokyo shop



2020 May Paola nunez (Hollywood actress)  wearing s c y l t  “Splash painted silk taffeta” in Max magazineins

2020 April  Exclusive white shirts(with pearl studs)  by DF Tokyo shop


2020 March Griffingluck wearing “80/1 lawn ×washed leather torso shirt” at the premiere of the new film. styling by Lisette Mora

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.22.12 AM

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.46.04 AM

2020 Feb.  Brett Gray wearing “BIg tuxedo pleats shirt” on the red carpet of Netflix show. styling by Kierra B

s-Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.51.24 AM1

s-Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 11.55.08 AM

2020 Feb. 2020 collection shootingr36r2

2020 Jan.  TRANOI Man/Woman exhibition at Paris


2019 Nov. Singer, Rapper and Author “AK The Savior” wears s c y l t 2 looks in “Notion Magazine” and his Instagram ” ”

This shirt is “Splash painted silk taffeta” from 20ss new collection. styling by Talia Bella

ak1 ak2

this shirt is BK mesh pleated shirt from 2018 collection

savior11 savior22

2019 Dec. In the latest “XiXO magazine” , The model Scott Camaran is wearing “Canvas Safari Big Tab Shirt “. styling by Cat wrights-Scylt editorial191217 s-Scylt editorial1912172

2019 Nov.  Kenny Leu : the actor (starred “Midway” (2019) wearing scylt classic cutaway collar shirt in ” Miami living magazine” and Kenny leu’s instagram. styling by Tara Aquilina


2019  Nov.  Tatoo embroidery shirt styling from archives collection by Erica Mer (fashion director) in LA. styling Erica Mer


2019 October Theo and Sasha wearing s c y l t ‘s 80/1 lawn shirt  in「 Flaunt magazine」.styling by BJ Panda Bear


Theo and Sasha


2019 October   LINTON tweed maker  Official instagram repost


LINTON instagram

2019 July  USA Actor James Tupper  wearing scylt on「1883 Magazine」. styling by Devon Nuszer

2019 June  Rapper YBNCordae wearing “canvas× Bk line half sleeves shirt”


2019 May  米国 ロサンゼルス・フィルハーモニー交響楽団 指揮者・作曲家:Gustavo Dudamel雑誌「Flaunt」スタイリングにて着用


2019  April 米国 俳優 Brandon P Bell スタイリング 30th GLAAD award に ”chain embroidery”シャツ 着用

Brandon P. Bell 1 Brandon P. Bell

2019   May  米国ラッパー Big sean スタイリングに ”studs”シャツ 着用


2019   May   英国ファッション雑誌&サイト 「Boys by Girls」にて、ハリウッド俳優 Avan Jogia のスタイリングに ”studs” シャツ 掲載

s-Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 1.43.07 PM (1) s-AVANJOGIAxBBG-300_e8e1ce839bd011c68a329d921ab7814c

2019 Feb  LA のショールームプレス No Such Agency と契約

2019   Feb  DF(Double-Faced) TOKYO  代官山 セレクトショップにて


2019   Jan   Liberty Fairs New York 展示会出展IMG_1978 IMG_1985


2018 Sep  俳優 大貫勇輔さんにscylt着用頂きました (instagramより)

2018   July   TRANOI PARIS 展示会出展


2018   April  IFF / MAGIC 展示会出展


2016 Sep   日経MJ 2016/8/15 号  ファッションページにクリエーター特集記事として、掲載頂きました。日経MJ